1. Log in to your Hail Trace account.
  2. On your dashboard page, go to the left tool bar and click "Map" and then "Search".

3. Once the map is opened, you can either search for a specific address or do a       radial search.

How To Search For A Specific Address

  1. Make sure your search bar is turned on by clicking the search bar button in the bottom left of the map.

   2. Type in an address and hit enter on your keyboard. This will bring up an icon over the address. Click on the icon to see a list of all the maps we have impacting that address within 10 feet. Click "view" to view the map you want to see.

How To Do A Radial Search

1. Click any point on the map. Like searching an address, this will bring up all the storms impacting that address with 10 feet.
2. Scroll down on the right bar and click "Nearby Maps"

3. Adjust your radius and click "Search"

4. This will bring up a window showing every storm that has impacted the area inside of your search radius. Click "Visible" to load the swaths onto your map.

5. Click on the map to escape the pop up window. Then collapse the side bar to view your map in full. You can toggle your visible maps on/off by clicking the green eye button next to the map name.

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