After logging in go to the maps page from the dashboard and locate the pink settings gear on the far right of the screen.

Click on the settings gear to open the tab and scroll to manage canvassing regions click that option

This will open a tab on the left side of your screen (where you would see map date options)

Select the plus option to create a new region, you can also edit your regions by selecting the box with a pen next to the name of the region you are wanting to edit.

You will be prompted to enter the name of your region then click create to take you back to this tab above.

Click the edit tool next to the new region or region you are wanting to edit. Once you have clicked the edit tool, your cusour to a cross where you can begin to draw your region.

To draw the region simply click on the map for the area. To close the shape you can either click the first point or double click when you are finished. From here you can change the color and once you click save the area will be the color chosen!

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