Once logged in go to the maps page and locate/click on the drawing tool on the far right of the screen under setting and layers.

Once you have clicked on the button your cursor will turn into a plus/cross where you are able to start drawing the area you are wanting data from. To close your shape you will need to click the first point that you dropped for that shape or double click.

***You are only allowed to draw an area that is 100 sq miles. If the area is too large you will get an error in the top right corner stating how over you are in that parameter.

After you have successfully drawn a shape within those parameters you will receive this message asking what type of data you are wanting to download. You are only going to be able to download what your subscription allows. (Ex. if you pay for residential data only you will not be able to download commercial data)

You will then be emailed a data list to the email that you have logged in with!

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