Go to Maps on the left hand side of your screen or from the center of the screen tab.

Search for the map you are looking for by either an address (type in an address in the search bar at the top of your screen) or by clicking on the map and do a radius circle search.  

For a radius search, left click on a spot on the map, a yellow HailTrace Icon will populate. ---If you have searched for a specific area you need to just make sure the radius listed in the maps tab is set to zero.
A green radius circle will then pop up once radius option is checked where you can adjust the radius in the left map tab. The maps that are within that radius circle will then be listed.

To select a map to view, click on the checkbox next to the date wanted.

You can select the swath that you are needing data from by left clicking inside the swath. If you click the yellow swath this will include everything inside it as well, such as orange, red, or purple if they are in that swath. If you are just interested in the red swath and bigger right click accordingly and this will capture everything within. 

To get the list of everyone impacted, you can click on Residential list or Commercial list depending on what set of data you would like.

After you click the Impacted Contacts button, confirm your download, indicating that you will not contact anyone on the Do Not Call List.

Check your email for the list.  Depending on how many contacts were impacted, it may take a while to receive the email. If the email is not in your main inbox please check your junk/spam folder

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