1.  Sign into your Hail Trace account.

2.  On the left hand side, go to Clients, then click on Settings.

3.  In a separate tab, go to Job Nimbus and create your API.  To do this, go to My Account, then hit API at the lower left hand corner of your screen.

4.  Set up the API by clicking on the New API Key at the top right corner of your screen, choose ADMIN from Access Profile dropdown, then put in Hail Trace in the Description box.  Click on Save..

5.  Go back to Hail Trace, go to Account Settings and choose Integrations.

6.  Copy the API key on Job Nimbus that you just made, go back to Hail Trace and paste it into the box. Then click the Save button (the disc on the right side).

7.  Then choose your default workflow. (This is where you want your clients that you create in Hail Trace to show up in Job Nimbus. Your clients that are already in Job Nimbus will automatically transfer over to Hail Trace.) Click Enable Integration. Give it about 10 seconds to start the initialization process.

8. Once integration is finished, if you go back to Clients and click on List you will see all of your clients there.

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