1. Find the map that you would like to canvas by entering an address or by simply clicking on the Google Maps.  Enter the address, click on it, then click on the map you would like to canvass.

2. Zoom into the area that you are working.  To add canvassing markers, click on the create button.  

4.  Once you click on the Create button, there are different markers you can click.  You can create a new contact, or just mark locations as Away, Not Interested, etc.  Just select which one you want.

5. To put in details about that marker, click on the location on the screen. The image below will then show up.  To edit, click on the edit button in the upper right hand corner.  You can put in a description, title, change the marker type, make this lead a contact, etc.  To delete it, there is a delete button in the lower left hand corner.

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