1.  Sign into your Hail Trace Account.

2. On the left hand side of your screen, click on Maps, then click on Canvassing.

4.  Click on the Create Button. Once that happens, you will see the types of icons shown below.  Put an address in the search bar at the top center part of your screen to get to where you want to put your marker.

5. Select the type of marker you would like to use, and then put it on the location.

6.  If you do not want that icon anymore or want to edit it, click on the Canvassing button and you will see all of the markers you have made.  Click on the information icon (little i in the lower left hand corner, under Creator) of the marker you want to edit.

7. After you press the edit button, you can change the name of the marker, add a description, change the marker type, and if you scroll down more, make it a contact.

8. If you want to delete the marker, click on the garbage can icon next to the information icon (also under Creator).

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