1. First, log into your Hail Trace Account on your phone.  After you do that, click on Maps.

2. Click on the GPS tracker in the upper right hand corner of your screen to activate it.  If there is a line through it, it is not activated.

3. Click on the dot to bring up the location info.  Scroll down on the lower left and click on the Maps Button.  That will bring up all of the maps of previous hail storms that have hit that location.  You can click on those maps to see them.

4. You can also search by location.  In the center part of the screen, put in the address that you want to search for hail for. 

5.  Once the address is starting to get typed in, click on the full address.

6. Once you click on the address, the storms that have hit that address will load in a list.  Click on those maps to view them.

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