1. Log in to your Hail Trace account.
  2. On your dashboard page, go to the left tool bar and click "Maps".

3. Once the map is opened, you can either type search for a specific address or click on the map.

How To Type-Search For A Specific Address

  1. Type an address into the address bar at the top of the screen and hit enter on your keyboard. This will bring up an icon over the address. 

  2. Click on the search result to the left to open "Details". This will show you all the dates in our database impacting that specific location.

How to do a Radial Search

  1. Follow the same steps above but Instead of clicking the search result, click "Maps". This will open up the map search feature starting at a 3 mile radius. You can then manually adjust the radius or use the dropdown bar for presets.

2. To view a map, click on the download icon. To favorite a map to save it to your favorites, click on the star icon.


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