1. First, sign into your Hail Trace account with your username and password.

2. Once you sign in, click on the Settings Icon, then click on the Users button.

3. Click on the Add a User button (pink + sign) in the upper right hand corner.

4.  Add the first name and last name of the new user (additional information like phone number or address is not required).

5. Put in the new user credentials. Please make the user's email address their username as well (the username and email fields should be the exact same). Then assign a role (such as "sales"), and create a password. Click Save.


Roles allow you to assign different permissions to different users. For example, you may want an ADMIN role with all of the permissions enabled for a sales manager, but a SALES role for just maps and data permissions for your salesmen. 

  1. To add a role that is not already there, go back to settings and click on Roles.

2.  To modify a role, click on one to modify.   Otherwise, to create a new role, click on the Click Here.  Once you do that, there will be a list of permissions to chose from to assign to that particular role, as well as an area to put in the name of the role.  After you are finished, click save.

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