1. First, create an EXCEL spreadsheet with all the fields you want, including First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Roof Type, etc.   One field that MUST be present though is User if you are planning on uploading contacts or Marker Types for if you want to upload markers.

  2.  Once the file is created and saved, click on the Settings icon then click on Upload.  Then click on where it says Click Here to select file.  

3.  Once you select the file, click on the Next button.  If you want to remove the file, click on Remove Upload.

4. Select the Upload type, whether it's a contact list or a marker list.  For this one, we will do Contact.  Then click Next.  (If you want to do Marker, go to Step 8).

5. Match ALL of your column names to the Hail Trace field names.  For example, if you have a column called Sales, type in Sales in the right column, next to where it says Sales in the left column.  Another example is if you have Website: Put in Website next to Web Address.  Also, make sure that however you have it typed in Excel to do that same format here (ie if you have Sales typed in Excel, make sure it is Sales, and not sales or SALES).  Once you are done, click Next.  

6. Select what Excel Column of yours is the User Column from the drop down menu.  The User column should have who on your team owns each contact.  Then click Next.  Match up the Excel Users to the Hail Trace Users.  

7. Click on the Upload Button, and the contacts/markers will upload.

8. Let's do Marker now instead of Contact.  After you select Marker as your Upload Type, select the Excel Column that is labeled Marker Type.  Once you do that, match up what Hail Trace Marker Type you want for each of your Excel Marker Type.  To complete the process, jump back to step 5 for the Match Field and Upload parts.

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