1. First, sign into your Hail Trace account with your username and password.

2. On the left hand side, click on Account settings then User Management. Then where it says Existing Roles, click on the + sign to add a new role (for example, an office manager, sales etc). Put in the name of the role and group (office manager, and management for example), then press submit.

3. Next, click on Account Management and select the fields that you would like to assign to this role (what the people with this role are or are not allowed to do).  Do this for the other fields too.  

4.  You are now ready to add a new user.  To do that, go to the upper right part of your screen, right below the search icon, and hover over the person icon.  Click on Add User.

5. Put in the new user's information.  Create a username, select the role that the person will have, and the person's email address.  Then click Next.

6. Create a password for this person, and confirm it.  Then click Next.

7. Put in the person's information and mailing address information.  Click Next.

8.  Lastly, either upload a profile picture, or choose an avatar to represent the person. Click Save.


9.  Once the profile is completed, that person can log in, and update any information they need to by going to the dashboard and clicking on the Update Profile button.

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